Onsite IT Support

Onsite Business IT Support is available for all of our customers

While a lot of what we do at Computer Domain can be done off-site, sometimes you need a technician to come to you. Onsite Business IT support is included in our complete care contract for a flat rate. This means you’ll get all the IT support you need, without having to pay extra.

Benefits of Onsite Tech Service:

  • ​​​​​Lower Costs – there’s no need to hire, train, or manage an in-house IT staff
  • Single point of contact – our team knows the history of your past problem areas so we can fix your problems fast
  • ​​​​​Reduced downtime – we respond quickly to your request, keeping downtime to a minimum

Since onsite service is included with our monthly flat rate plan, it aligns our interests with yours. While a traditional break-fix or reactive IT approach costs you every time there is a problem, with our service plans, we are paid to prevent problems.

Don’t worry, Onsite IT Service is available for all of our customers, even without a service plan.  We are ready and happy to help.

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